Active Recovery
for a healthy brain

Daily exercises, progress reports, expert advice and evidence-based tools to help treat concussions.

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Concussion puts life on pause. We help you find your way back.

Personalized Program

Your tailored Active Recovery Plan guides you through each stage of your concussion recovery, focusing on all the core areas of concussion rehabilitation. And with ongoing program optimization, you are always working towards a faster, more complete recovery.

Instructional Videos

Your Active Recovery Plan includes detailed exercises designed to help you recover faster and more fully. Each exercise is presented in an instructional video that will guide you through the movement – making sure you know exactly what you should be doing and when, so you can be sure to perform the exercises effectively.

Progress Reports

Recovering from concussion isn’t a linear progress. We monitor your symptoms between key milestones and automatically adjust your rehabilitation depending on your progress. Regular check-ins also help you record changes in your condition between appointments with your doctor.

Expert Insights

We’re here for you on the good days and the not so good days, calming any concerns you have. You’ll get insights into the science along with evidence-based support from a range of experts – from sleep consultants to physical therapists and mindfulness practitioners.

Connect to Wearables

Using the Rhea Health App, link your wearable devices to get real time feedback and data to enhance your Active Recovery experience.

Affordable Access

Since anyone can suffer from a concussion, we believe treatment should be accessible to everyone. Access Rhea with an affordable and transparent one-time fee of $99 that gives you support for a full year, so you can check back in with a new injury or returning symptoms for no additional fee.

Wherever you are, we’re there with you.

Rhea Health is accessible from virtually anywhere, on virtually any device. So whether you’re in a small town, the big city, or somewhere in-between, your personalized Active Recovery plan is just a click away.

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One path from concussion to recovery.

Developed by a clinical research team at the University of Toronto, an internationally renowned research institution in concussion and brain health, Rhea is grounded in evidence-based science.

Rhea’s Active Recovery strategy is multi-disciplinary, and focuses on the core areas of concussion rehabilitation and treatment: physical exercise, range of motion, strength, vision, balance and coordination, overall stress reduction, and sleep.

Rhea compliments in-person treatment. You can use your Active Recovery plan in-between visits to keep your recovery on track. And our team of experts are available to answer your questions – so you are supported every step of the way.