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Rhea improves the quality of concussion treatment in clinics and reduces strain on our healthcare system.

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Peace of mind for your patients

Our platform is an easy source of information that you can provide directly to patients. Referring them to Rhea helps to address any questions or concerns they might have when they get home, freeing up valuable time during short appointments.

Create a tailored strategy in minutes

Use Rhea to prescribe evidence-based exercises that patients can do at home between appointments. Each plan comes with interactive videos showing patients exactly how to perform the exercise, ensuring that your patient remembers what to do next.

Track progress between appointments

Rhea allows patients to track their symptoms and share their progress between appointments. This helps to improve patient recall and significantly reduces the length of time needed for follow-up appointments, which often require individualized attention and care.

Monitor additional touchpoints

Gather medical data and insights from a patient’s everyday life. Rhea helps to flag changes in symptoms that could ordinarily be undetected for weeks between in-person appointments. This also provides a level of structure and guided autonomy in the recovery process.

Rhea frees up time to focus on patients

Unless you regularly treat concussions, treating these complex symptoms might be outside your areas of expertise.

Rhea provides expert concussion support and a turnkey solution for general practitioners to prescribe a personalized rehabilitation strategy based on their assessment of the patient.

Get in touch with our team to request a demo and we’ll show you how Rhea could improve the quality of concussion treatment at your clinic.