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Can yoga help with my concussion recovery?

Yoga can be a great source of exercise or mindful movement for people with a concussion. There is something to be said for connecting your mind, body and spirit as you go through the recovery process. And as far as yoga is concerned in the concussion population, Love Your Brain Yoga (LYBY) is a tremendous organization and resource to learn how you can integrate yoga into your recovery regimen today.

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Concussions in Soccer

Research Article: Avoiding a red card: recommendations for a consistent standard of concussion management in professional football (soccer).


Rhea Research Study

The Rhea mobile tool gives users a personal exercise program to help with concussion recovery. The goal of this study is to assess the ease of use of the Rhea and identify areas to improve the app.

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Activity Trackers

Research Paper: Effectiveness of wearable activity trackers to increase physical activity and improve health: a systematic review of systematic reviews and meta-analyses Article…